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HOMA Engineering

HOMA is a qualified partner in the high current engineering field.

Our technicians have many years of experience with furnace components and we offer the following services:

  • Consulating at site and technical discussion as well as measurements
  • Project engineering and technical solutions
  • Supply of layout drawings for technical proposals and basis for finding a solution
  • Technical support to solve problems
  • Supply of detailed engineering drawings acc. to customer requirements

Together with competent technical partners HOMA offers in addition:

  • furnace measurements at site to verify and calculate possible savings
  • Proposal of activities to reach the calculated savings

We are prepared to give you our support and are looking forward to your invitation.

Assembly and Repair work

HOMA - Installation and Repairs

We are – due to our experience in furnace components - a qualified partner for checking your furnace components like

  • electrode arms
  • high current line transformer house (delta closure)
  • high current cables
  • flexible connections

to make purposes or suggestions on necessary repairs or to optimize the installation of parts.

Together with our partners HOMA offers:

  • Supervision
  • Assembly work – complete -
  • Repair by qualified personnel at site (if possible and the local conditions allow the repairs at site)
  • Welding procedures including copper welding at site

HOMA welder are in the possession of all necessary welding certificates. We permanently carry out internal and external training courses to ensure our work is always of the highest technical standard.