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Contactors and Switches

Our contactors and switches: reliably switch, isolate, distribute, control, regulate and transmit.
They are operating various plants all over the world.

Scope of application


  • Rolling mills
  • Foundry technology
  • Heavy industry
  • Cranes
  • High Current Engineering
  • Induction hardening applications
  • Welding technology
  • Power plants
  • Ripple control systems
  • Automobile industry
  • Railway technology
  • Solar technology
  • Mining industry
  • Naval architecture
  • Galvano technology
  • Electrolysis
  • General plant engineering
  • Water treatment and water supply facilities




Air-break contactors and combinations of switches to deal with normal to complicated switching activities for all types of electrical loads.

HOMA Contactors and Switches - Switching


Sliding contacts, air-break contactors and air- or water-cooled high current switches for galvanic interruption of circuits without a control current for technical or safety reasons.

HOMA Contactors and Switches - Isolating


Different types of commutators to select different sources or for an alternative supply of the electrical load circuit.

HOMA Contactors and Switches - Distributing


Commutators and pole-reversal contactor including associated control systems, reversing contactors etc. for process-related reversion of the electrical current or rotational direction; braking contactors for switch-off for drives that simultaneously trigger dynamic braking systems.

HOMA Contactors and Switches - Controlling


Starting contactor / rotor-short circuit contactor, as well as starting coupling contactor / cascade coupling contactor for large machinery in association with subsynchronous static Kramer systems; capacitor contactors for balancing or compensating inductive electrical loads. Starting, damping and discharge resistors.

HOMA Contactors and Switches - Regulating
HOMA Contactors and Switches - RegulatingHOMA Contactors and Switches - RegulatingHOMA Contactors and Switches - Regulating


Air-cooled flexible connections (braids) and water-cooled cables are used to compensate expansion as well as connecting mobile electrical loads. Water-cooled piping systems. Prism contacts for mechanical load of contact bars with simultaneous contact with the energy source. Insulation bases, supports and busbar supports made out of moulding resin as auxiliary equipment for setting up electrical installations.

HOMA Contactors and Switches - Transmitting
HOMA Contactors and Switches - TransmittingHOMA Contactors and Switches - Transmitting

Product range

Power contactors and switching combinations with positive and negative contacts

  • DC-contactor up to a maximum of 12000 A / 3000 V
  • Medium-frequency contactor up to a maximum of 12000 A / 3000 V
  • Medium-frequency contactor up to a maximum of 24000 A / 3000 V < 10 kHz
  • Capacitor contactor up to a maximum of 600 A / 3000 V < 10 kHz

High current switches, air-break contactors and contact systems for switching without a control current, air- and water-cooled with a magnetic, motor or manual drive.

  • Cut-off and changeover switches up to a maximum of 40000 A / 3000 V / 0-10 kHz
  • Air- and water-cooled commutators and pole-reversal contactor up to a maximum of 25000 A
  • Command units to control recurring switching operations
  • Contact installations for Galvano technology in the form of air- and water-cooled prism or sliding contacts up to a maximum of 20000 A
  • Air-cooled flexible connectors up to a maximum of 10000 A
  • Starting, damping and discharge resistors
  • Insulated supports up to 3000 V
  • Busbar supports
  • Insulated bases with adjustable height
  • Special insulated components on demand
  • Solution of current carrying, switching and contact problems in the high current engineering sector