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  • HOMA Hochstromtechnik
  • HOMA Hochstromtechnik
  • HOMA Hochstromtechnik
  • HOMA Hochstromtechnik

HOMA High Current Engineering

Powerful where current is involved

Our strengths are contactors and furnace components.

HOMA High Current Engineering is a medium-sized company in the best sense of the word. As an innovative company with a long-standing tradition, we have been the global system supplier for contactors, flexible power lines and contact units for the high current engineering sector for over 60 years.

Committed employees, continued developments, reliability, long-life time and the quality are the basis of our success.

Since 2005 HOMA has also offered an extensive range of products for furnace components. Our customers' satisfaction encourages us to always follow-up on further developments to ensure that in the future as today we will be a valued partner of both industry and research.

Based on our extensive machinery HOMA has been accepting contract manufacturing orders since 2009. This includes mechanical work, welding and soldering works for the industry.

HOMA offers unique knowledge in regard to copper as one of their key advantages.

HOMA is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Werkhalle der HOMA in Oberhausen

As we see our company and position on the market:

  • with good customer relations
  • a cooperative sense of responsibility
  • customer loyalty
  • honest skills
  • stability and reliability:

and the good thing is: others also see us that way.